Life is Fair

The mystics tell us that the law of cause and effect is the universal principle of justice that holds this creation together. This book clearly and logically presents the rationale of why "life is fair," and how, indeed, we get what we deserve. It uses the example of what we eat to follow the workings of this law of cause and effect, introducing the importance of vegetarianism. Essays and three short stories by well-known American authors are included to sensitize the reader to the sanctity of life and the logic behind vegetarianism. The book is also illustrated with cartoons and drawings about the law of cause and effect and the vegetarian diet.

Author: Brian Hines
Category: RSSB tradition: Other Authors
Format: Hardcover, 268 Pages
Edition: 1st. 1999
ISBN: 978-81-8466-280-1
RSSB: EN-184-0
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