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The Flower Called Rose
The Flower Called Rose
Price: $30.00
Author: RSSB
Type: Hardcover, 264 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2017
ISBN: 978-93-80077-60-4
Publisher: SSRC

Product Code: EN-256-0

Everyone who appreciates the beauty of flowers will enjoy this unusual book. It is a large-format coffee table book in glorious colour, displaying Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh’s personal photographs of roses.  All his life Hazur enjoyed the hobby of photography, both in India and abroad, but in his later years he focused on the beauty of flowers, primarily roses. Preceded by a short introduction that documents Hazur’s activities as a photographer, the book includes 263 pages of his rose photos, accompanied by quotations from various mystics about the beauty of roses and their spiritual symbolism.