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Tukaram - The Ceaseless Song of Devotion
Tukaram - The Ceaseless Song of Devotion
Price: $10.00
Author: Chandrawati Rajwade
Type: Hardcover, 224 Pages
Edition: 4th. 2010
ISBN: 978-81-8256-925-6
Publisher: RSSB

Product Code: EN-051-0

Tukaram is one of the most popular poet-saints of Maharashtra, India.  Born in Poona (Pune) in 1598 into a family of farmers and merchants, he endured a hard life, which included the deaths of all his family members from famine.   As he was spiritually inclined from childhood, this personal tragedy acted as a catalyst for his increased meditation and ultimate God-realization. In his poetry he speaks of being "drunk in the celestial melody" revealed to him through the grace of his Master. Of his own teaching he said, "I come to illumine the way to God and to distinguish the true from the false." This volume contains 94 of Tukaram's poems introduced by a short biographical sketch.