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Sultan Bahu
Sultan Bahu
Price: $12.00
Author: Dr. Kirpal Singh Khak, Prof. Janak Raj Puri
Type: Hardcover, 440 Pages
Edition: 2nd. 1999
ISBN: 81-8256-026-8
Publisher: RSSB

Product Code: EN-044-0

A Sufi mystic and contemporary of Bulleh Shah, Sultan Bahu lived during the seventeenth century and became one of the best loved Sufi Saints of northern India. Sultan Bahu wrote his major poetic works in the Punjabi language using the quatrain form (abiyat). His poetry, which has the flavour of Persian mystic poetry, dwells on spiritual realization, love for the Master (murshid), and denunciation of orthodox religion with its empty rituals and external observances. The book presents 200 poems in English translation, with the transliteration of the original Punjabi on the facing page.  The poetry section is preceded by a thorough account of Bahu's life and teaching.