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Spiritual Heritage
Spiritual Heritage
Price: $10.00
Author: Maharaj Charan Singh
Type: Hardcover, 226 Pages
Edition: 3rd. 1998
ISBN: 978-81-8466-107-1
Publisher: RSSB

Product Code: EN-015-0

This book is based on transcriptions of meetings with foreign guests at the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, located in Beas, Punjab, India. During the meetings, Maharaj Charan Singh reminisces about his life with Maharaj Sawan Singh and Maharaj Jagat Singh; he reflects on the development of the Dera, the relationship of Baba Jaimal Singh with Maharaj Sawan Singh, some early disciples, the Sant Mat tradition, and the universality of the spiritual path. Using a conversational approach, humour, and gentle wisdom, Maharaj Charan Singh explains fundamental spiritual truths through anecdotes and stories.