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Vegetarian Cookbooks

Baking Without Eggs

Vegetarians often have difficulty in finding eggless recipes for baked goods. The recipes in this book prove that it is possible to bake traditional cakes and cookies without eggs, and with delicious results. The recipes are easy to follow.  The book was originally published in South Africa, and many of the recipes and measurements use local terminology.
Creative Vegetarian Cooking
Price: $8.00

This book contains a wide range of simple international lacto vegetarian recipes blending the traditions of Indian cooking with influences from China, Japan and the West. It includes almost 250 recipes from beverages, salads, soups and snacks, to main course dishes and desserts all made without the use of eggs, lard or gelatin. These simple to follow recipes are written for vegetarians in today's increasingly multicultural world.
Green Way to Healthy Living
Price: $15.00

This cookbook is a compendium of international recipes, submitted by vegetarian cooks from around the world. It demonstrates that there is an extraordinary variety of fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, as well as nuts, seeds and dairy products from which to choose in preparing balanced and tasty meals. This book not only provides the how to for each recipe in clear concise language, it organizes the recipes into creative menus according to country of origin. In researching and writing this book, all the recipes were carefully tested.
Meals with Vegetables
Price: $9.00

This selection presents a unique collection of meatless and eggless recipes designed to please even the pickiest of palates: vegetables, soups, sauces, rice dishes, pulses, dips, and salads. Recipes from many countries demonstrate that tasty and healthy vegetarian meals are easy to prepare.
Vegetarian Cooking British Taste
Price: $9.00

As culture within Britain has diversified, so too has its food. This book, therefore, includes both traditional British recipes as well as recipes that reflect the modern British population. These have been flavoured to embrace what we now consider to be British taste. It includes a wide range of vegetarian recipes from beverages, salads, soups and snacks, to main course dishes and desserts. This book has been designed to be user friendly and practical. Recipes in this book can be made gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan by substituting certain ingredients.