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Amrit Nam
Price: $9.00

This book endeavors to explain the importance of Nam, which is the very basis around which the teachings of Sant Mat revolve. The author supports his points with extensive quotations from the Adi Granth, and also other mystics such as Bhai Gurdas and Bhai Veer Singh.
Anter ki Awaz
Price: $4.00

A succinct pamphlet written by a former British military officer stationed in India prior to independence, The Inner Voice illuminates the essentials of the Sant Mat teachings. Explanations are given concerning the difference between spirituality and spiritualism and the importance of vegetarianism.
Atma ka Safar
Price: $9.00

This colourfully illustrated picture book for young children graphically tells the story of the soul’s separation from its divine source at the time of the creation. The souls, illustrated as individual drops, are sent out from the divine ocean of love into the creation, take on bodies, and become part of the cycle of life. The book illustrates how we are all children of the same Father and that we should love one another and all of God’s creation. It ends by explaining how God sends “his own Great Power, mercy and Love” into the world in the form of a Master to awaken us to our true home and guide us back into “the Ocean of Light”, where the drops merge back and live in “happiness, peace and bliss…forever and ever”.
Bhai Gurdas
Price: $7.00

Bhai Gurdas (1551-1636) was closely associated with four Gurus of the Sikh tradition, and played an important role in their service of the sangat. He was also a great poet and literary figure. This book deals with his life and teachings.
Haun Jeevaan Naam Dhiaa'e
Price: $6.00

The only way to conquer death – to die to the ego’s needs and awaken the power of the soul – is the practice of meditation. This book provides a practical, no-nonsense approach to living a life dedicated to the work and joy of meditation. It shows us how to move from talk to action, from concept to experience, so that we can undertake the journey that will transcend body and mind.
Japji Sahib
Price: $9.00

This book is a comprehensive commentary on Guru Nanak’s masterpiece Jap Ji, which opens the Adi Granth, the sacred scripture of the Sikhs.  Jap Ji is considered both an encapsulation of the philosophy of Guru Nanak and a summary of the entire Adi Granth. Jap Ji explains the concepts of God, his will (hukam), the creation, the doctrine of karma and the inner spiritual practice which leads to concentration (samadhi), and ultimately, merging one’s soul with the Divine.
Jigyasuon ke Liye
Price: $5.00

A primer for those seeking initiation, this book explains the conditions a seeker has to fulfil to be eligible for initiation. It also clearly explains what Nam is, its importance and the object of seeking initiation.
Kamil Darvesh Shah Latif
Price: $10.00

Shah Latif was a great sufi saint who lived in Sindh from 1689 to 1752. His teachings laid emphasis on the need for a living Master. They also dealt with the four stages one has to go through for the ultimate union with the Lord: shari’at (rules that guide the external ), tariqat (code for higher conduct and morality), m’arfat (process for communion with God), and haqiqat (merging in Truth and attaining God-realization). This book concerns with Shah Latif’s teachings and poetry, and conveys the profound nature of the spiritual truths he imparted through his folk tales.
Parmarthi Pattar II
Price: $9.00

This book is a collection of letters written by Maharaj Sawan Singh to his disciples in Europe and America between 1919 and 1948. These letters were the main source of guidance for his early disciples who did not have the opportunity to meet their Master in person. The letters discuss all aspects of the Sant Mat teachings, giving guidance on meditation and living in the will of the Lord while discharging one's worldly obligations. Not limited by time or place, by national or cultural differences, the practical advice and loving words contained in this book are equally relevant to modern devotees on the spiritual path.
Prabhat Ka Prakash
Price: $7.00

Consisting mainly of letters written between 1911 and 1934 by Maharaj Sawan Singh to his first American disciples, this volume also contains a brief history of Sant Mat in America and a concise summary of the Sant Mat teachings. The letters were written at a time when there were no Sant Mat books to provide guidance and inspiration for those early disciples, very few of whom had the opportunity to meet their Master in person. Full of affection and practical wisdom, the letters explain all aspects of the teachings and give detailed descriptions of the inner journey and the way of life required of the devotee.
Sant Charan Das

Sant Charan Das (1703-1782) was a well-known saint of North India. Born near Alwar in Rajasthan, he spent most of his life in Delhi but also toured extensively. His followers included a large number of rulers, both Hindu and Muslim. Like all saints, he never accepted any gift from them, but fearlessly held his satsangs and gave the gift of initiation to true seekers. This book describes his illustrious life and explains his teachings.
Sant Dadu Dayal
Price: $5.00

Dadu, a sixteenth-century mystic who lived in Rajasthan during the reign of Akbar, the Mughal emperor, was a cotton carder by profession and Muslim by birth. He was called dayal, "the compassionate one," because he showed love and compassion to everyone, even to those who abused him. His poetry teaches that the human body is the door to salvation but that ego stands in the way of God-realization; that our mind can be controlled through meditation; and that only from a perfect Guru can we learn the secret of this inner meditation practice. Through translation of many of his lengthy poems, the reader sees Dadu's use of strong images to contrast our over-involvement in the world with the fact that death is fast approaching and only the Lord's love will sustain us.
Sant Mat Vichar
Price: $10.00

This book attempts to answer many questions relating to Sant Mat. Different concepts have been explained on the basis of the teachings of many mystics of the past such as Namdev, Tulsi Sahib, Paltu Sahib, the Sikh Gurus, Soami Ji Maharaj and others.
Sant Namdev
Price: $7.00

One of the earliest saints in the bhakti (devotion) tradition whose writings are available to us, Namdev lived in thirteenth-century Maharashtra and was a tailor and calico printer. In his early life, Namdev observed Hindu rituals assiduously and worshipped idols, but eventually he met his Master, who taught him that the true worship must be practiced within oneself. Namdev taught the importance of meditation on Shabd and the uselessness of all rituals and pilgrimages. This volume presents a short section on his life and teachings, as well as translations of many of his poems that sing of the grace of the Master and the bliss of dying while living. "While still living, I have learned to die, I have no fear now of death", he wrote.
Sant Samagam
Price: $8.00

Semi-autobiographical in style, the author, with great humour, wit and humility, recounts his personal experiences with Maharaj Sawan Singh, affectionately known as the Great Master. Most of the book is based on the young Daryai Lal's notes, taken during a number of private meetings and spiritual discussions held by Maharaj Sawan Singh with Christian missionaries and other visitors over many years.
Sant Samvad I
Price: $9.00

A collection of questions and answers from Maharaj Charan Singh's 1964 tour of the U.S. and Canada, the book is arranged by topic, such as: the nature of God, the creation, traditional religion, karma, the negative power, destiny, free will, miracles, ego, mind, intellect, faith, the need for a Master, the importance of satsang, and the vegetarian diet. The Master gives practical advice on following a spiritual path while living a modern life.
Sant Vachan

This book contains the answers to a selection of questions put to Maharaj Charan Singh during his 1970 trip to North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. He discusses the basic principles of the teachings of the saints, such as the vegetarian diet, the way of life required of a disciple, and meditation practice. He explains free will, destiny and the need for a living Master. Also included are a number of letters describing the tour, written by the Master, by his travelling secretary, and by disciples in different parts of the world.
Updesh Radha Soami
Price: $7.00

This book describes the life and teachings of another perfect saint, Soami Ji Maharaj. By going through the teachings of various perfect Masters of the past it becomes clear that the path of God-realization has been the same through the ages and continues to be so. The deep spiritual truths expounded by Soami Ji Maharaj in his bani have been explained in depth and compared with the teachings of other mystics.