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Amrit Vachan
Price: $5.00

This book contains extracts from conversations and discourses of Baba Jaimal Singh Maharaj (1839-1903), Maharaj Sawan Singh (1858-1948), Maharaj Jagat Singh (1884-1951), as well as Maharaj Charan Singh (1916-1990). A spiritual bouquet of the essence of the teachings and practical means that help mould one's life to the teachings.
Anter ki Awaz
Price: $4.00

A succinct pamphlet written by a former British military officer stationed in India prior to independence, The Inner Voice illuminates the essentials of the Sant Mat teachings. Explanations are given concerning the difference between spirituality and spiritualism and the importance of vegetarianism.
Atam Gyan
Price: $6.00

This book presents the Sant Mat teachings of Maharaj Jagat Singh between 1948 and 1951. A chemistry professor by profession, Maharaj Jagat Singh's spiritual discourses were succinct, scientific, and forthright. Seven of these are presented in their entirety along with excerpts from 18 others. Also included are his selected letters to foreign disciples and notes from his conversations collected under the heading Ruhani Guldasta. Maharaj Jagat Singh's words reveal his great love and compassion as well as his insistence on the highest level of spiritual purity. He speaks vividly about the Masters, the downfall of the soul, and how the soul can return to its home.
Ek Noor Te Sab Jag Upajeyaa
Price: $9.00

In this full-color illustrated storybook for children of all ages, the Lord takes a soul, about to be born, on a wondrous spiritual journey.  The Lord lovingly gives the soul five precious gifts to share with the people of the world, that reveal the divine principle of oneness behind the myriad divisions of all creation.
Hansa Hira Moti Chugna
Price: $6.00

This book tries to analyse the necessity to be a vegetarian, for a seeker on the spiritual path. It examines this issue in the light of quotations from scriptures of various paths.  Given that the Lord resides in all of His creation, compassion for all and non-violence form the bed-rock of the quest for spirituality. This fact is highlighted in this book by illustrations of examples from Sikh, Christian and other faiths.
Haq Halal Ki Kamai
Price: $4.00

Understanding why we should live an honest, moral life is an important step on the spiritual path to God realization. This thought provoking book presents the universal law of cause and effect in human and spiritual perspectives. It describes the invisible prison in which we all live and how we can transcend this condition by changing our orientation from material to spiritual goals.
Haun Jeevaan Naam Dhiaa'e
Price: $6.00

The only way to conquer death -to die to the ego's needs and awaken the power of the soul- is the practice of meditation. This book provides a practical, no-nonsense approach to living a life dedicated to the work and joy of meditation. It shows us how to move from talk to action, from concept to experience, so that we can undertake the journey that will transcend body and mind.
Jigyasuon ke Liye
Price: $5.00

A primer for those seeking initiation, this book explains the conditions a seeker has to fulfil to be eligible for initiation. It also clearly explains what is Nam, its importance and the object of seeking initiation.
Mira Prem Diwani
Price: $6.00

India’s most famous woman saint, Mira Bai was a princess in the sixteenth-century Rajput kingdom of Mewar, yet her Guru was Ravidas, a humble cobbler. Despite disapproval and persecution by the royal court, she continued with her devotion to him, ultimately attaining mystic union. She expressed her great longing and anguish in separation from her Beloved in hymns distinguished by their lyricism and emotional intensity. Mira's songs are still sung today throughout India.
Parmarthi Sakhian
Price: $8.00

A collection of stories or parables narrated by Maharaj Sawan Singh in his discourses that are drawn from the mystic literature of India, Iran, Arabia, and other Eastern countries. Each story illustrates a particular spiritual truth or example of conduct. Some of the stories are humorous, relating to our follies in life; others relate to the karmic implications of our actions, to the purity of the saints, and the benefit of their company.  This edition also includes stories drawn from the lives of the saints in the Radha Soami Beas line.  Stories are introduced with quotations from the world's spiritual literature.
Ruhani Phool
Price: $5.00

A collection of spiritual discourses given by Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji Maharaj (1884-1951). A chemistry professor by profession, His discourses are brief, simple, clear and to the point. He speaks vividly about the Master, the downfall of the soul and how the soul can return to its True Home with the help of the Name of God.
Sant Marg
Price: $5.00

This brief volume is an excellent introduction to Sant Mat. It contains Maharaj Charan Singh's thorough and clear explanation of all the basic principles of the teaching of the Saints. Numerous quotations from the writings of both Eastern and Western mystics demonstrate the universality of these spiritual truths.
Sant Sandesh
Price: $5.00

This brief volume presents an overview of the teachings of the saints from an Indian religious perspective.  The author draws on examples and quotations from the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Adi Granth, Jain holy books, and other scriptures, revealing the many similarities in their fundamental mystic teachings. Included are discussions of the purpose of human life, the true Name, meditation, the living Master, and religion and ethics.
Sar Bachan Radha Soami Vartik
Price: $5.00

Sar Bachan, literally meaning "words of truth," contains the fundamental teachings of the saints as explained by Seth Shiv Dayal Singh, known as Soami Ji Maharaj, the first Master in the Radha Soami line of mystics, who lived in nineteenth century Agra, India. The text is a translation of notes taken during Soami Ji's discourses and conversations over a period of many years. Soami Ji explains that  this is not a new teaching, but the same mystic principles taught by all true saints throughout history. He gives details of the inner spiritual regions and the process of the creation. Also included is a collection of brief spiritual sayings by Soami Ji, presented as a series of axioms.